Welcome to Angel Hair

By 13th June 2016June 22nd, 2016Uncategorised

I would like to welcome you to my new website Angel Hair , I have been working hard to gather some beautiful images of my emerging ideas. I would like to thank my friends,  family & clients allowing me to use the images of thier fabulous new hairstyles.

I am sitting here pensively awaiting the summer months. Bridal season is here and new looks are being created, lots of soft curls and very glamorous up dos. I just love wedding hair !!

I am excited to announce my 1:1 private training courses. Feel free to browse the ones I have primarily launched. I am going to offer some different courses after the summer months,  please keep checking to find out what’s new.


Updates and inspiration

Well what a week!l Ive had such a wonderful time with Patrick Cameron, I’ve been following Patrick  for  many years. I have his books and also use his tricks of the trade on regular occasions when working in long hair.  Patrick is the long hair Meister, he is such a talented guy, he specialises in wedding and occasional hair. His new collection is called modern vintage, it is truly gorgeous and ultimately show stopping   glamour. We worked in a very small intimate masterclass, we worked step by step , see and do. I am really looking forward to using my new found skills. I have really enjoyed being the student !! Thanks Patrick ?