Top tips for brides

By 27th August 2016Uncategorised

Plan ahead
If you have your hair coloured, or just trimmed, ensure to have it done at least one month before your wedding date. The extra time will soften your style a bit, so it looks more natural. Also, should disaster strike, you’ll have time to fix it.

Don’t make radical colour change close to the big day.
On so many occasions I have seen the Brides hair resembling a hay barn rather than seductive silky tresses. Talk to your hairdresser to ensure you have the best advice. I would buy some good hair treatments, also don’t forget to use them.

Think about what suits you

Put lots of thought into how you feel most comfortable, the images will be with you forever .

Don’t be unrealistic
Think about your hair type and what is achievable. This will only lead to disappointment.